What expect you

In the 2000 it was an old country’s rustic, with a story made of families growed in these walls of bricks, countries families, hard – working and proud of their way of life.

We wanted that this could not stop and we began dreaming AgriMilly. Today you find it completely restructured, this farmhouse in village Motta of Carmagnola, where every particular is studied to leave nothing by chance.

Rooms can be distinguished by colours, that dominate into baths, in the furnishing, in the sheets, in the paintings: so we have the Blue room, the Red, the Yellow and the Green ones. No number to distinguish its, but the little bulbe over the lock…follow the colours, you will find your room.

Who comes by us could feel cuddled and we choose a special common room: a piedmonts styled kitchen with all the accessories to allow who want to have lunch, a comfortable sitting room adorned by precious furniture, always simple to keep that familiarity that we hope you could appreciate.

  • The breakfast is prepared by us with local products, field’s fruit, home made jam, new bread, croissants and cakes, with grandmother’s recipe

  • The garden offer a wide dehor, where, if you want, you could taste the silence

  • Safe place parking, going for a walk by bicycle or in the meadows, that in frazione Motta aren’t lacking

  • By us there is place for who wants discover the silence, the country, make tourism in the beautiful Turin and in the near provinces, but also for who comes for work and after a chaotic day needs peace and calm the evening

Our proposal

The perfect place for who wants to rediscover the quiet, the countryside and travel in Piedmont.